Why Write the Essay Online?

Why would anybody want to write the essay online? That’s a simple question to answer. It gives you freedom freedom from the restrictions of writing at one place and within a specific time duration. It also gives you the freedom to get homework help and to read and reread your essay, edit it, proofread it as many times as you would like to, and submit it at your leisure when you think it is ready for submission. Of course, this does not mean that there is endless time for you to submit the paper because it is online. However even within the specific time limit, it is worlds away from the restrictive limits of writing the paper in the classroom.

Various universities and educational institutions allow you to write your papers and submit them online. All you do is write, and copy paste the file or upload it from your server to the institutes on the dates specified by them. You often get to see the results online and do not have to wait for your instructor to announce it.

The online essay system has another advantage. You could actually get your paper checked and edited, proofread for mistakes and cleaned up before you submit it for evaluation. You could access hundreds of such service providers on the Internet, and they read your papers and deliver them as per your requirement, keeping in mind the deadlines you need to meet.

The writing process for online essay submissions is different. Here, you get to know your topic, and take your time to deliberate on it. It is not like sitting at one place, in a classroom, seeing the topic for the first time, and writing out the compare and contrast essay within the limited time given to you. Here you have enough time to think about the topic, find out material relevant to it, collate the necessary inputs, and write out your paper. You then get time to proofread it at length, repeatedly, if required, edit it, fine tune it, take a look again, and copy paste it on the submission form.

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The negative side of online essays is that it takes the challenge out of the writing. You have too much freedom, and the gift of the gab at the tiniest prompt is not required. It is much more challenging to write essays under restrictions. These exercises challenge your ability to think quickly, use information you have already, collate material in your mind, and write out the paper within the minutes specified. You need to know how to write, how to think, what thought process to apply, and how to sift material quickly.

Writing the essay online, however, has its own fun. You get to know much more about using electronic media for your submissions, you get enough time for a really polished essay, and you don’t worry about your handwriting. You also get to do all this sitting miles away from the institution, yet knowing that your essay will be read and evaluated for its worth.

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